The happenings for the week of May 9, 2021 - May 15, 2021.

We start of a week that's full of baby lambs, with L1 with the yard with the chickens.

And being bottle fed with chat.

The Apple cam at chickens got an upgrade!

FarmerSpence took L1 with him to the farm to meet his mom and sister.

"Can I stay?"

L2 tried to interact with her brother. He wasn't sure what to make of it.

Here's the full visit for those that want to see the entire event.

Monday was medical day for L1.

On Tuesday L1 was back out in the chicken yard, and getting used to it.

And another cute bottle feeding.

Then later L2 got her CD/T Vaccine.

And the cormorant found a new place to hang out.

Another new cam update, this time it was the Hill camera. Taking Pumpkin watching up another level.

L1 visits the farm again!

Yet again on Thursday L1 went out with the chickens. Already a regular thing!

Noon feeding for L1 at the chickens.

Farm visits have also become quite regular.

A new tree was planted by FarmerSpence! He showed it off to us.

Gifts! FarmerSpence got some gifts from Gabrielfurlong!

And a gift from SpoopySparrow.

L2 has already learned to search through the hay for the best bits.

Back at chickens, L1 is once again hanging out with them and gets some dinner.

Experiences the yard at dusk and helps with the Egg count.

If you want, you can watch the whole, uncut moment.

Warmer weather brings visitors. We'd rather not have them.

But we get more of the bun buns, so it evens out. Sort of.

Friday arrived and L1 began his new routine of heading out into the yard with the chickens.

Noon bottle time!

And then a quick clean up because L1 managed to lay in fresh chicken poo.

FarmerSpence had to do a quick swap to help with some pixelation issues.

An update on Tilly's Tree.

Puddles had refused the last three baths, but not this time. FarmerSpence made sure she got cleaned.

A very strong wind suddenly arrived at the farm

L1 helping FarmerSpence with the chores!

The wind came back and stronger this time.

Another evening of L1!

Saturday brought L1's established routine. Starting with morning chores and long naps.

He's got some cute sleep nursing motions!

The ram in him is starting show itself.

Back to visit the farm and help out with chores!

Another evening feed for L1

And a new event, a little ram temper tantrum.

FarmerSpence builds some shade for the Apple cam while L1 supervises.

L2 shows us her happy dance!

Once again L1 helps FarmerSpence with the night chores. I think he's getting the hang of it!

That wraps up this week! Hope you are enjoying the little lambs as much as we are. Until next week, we'll see you in chat.