The happenings for the week of May 2, 2021 - May 8, 2021

We start off the week with Pocket trying to woo the wrong hen.

The very dirty ducks got themselves a bath! Except for Puddles, who seems to have an aversion to them.

Chat chipped in all the points they could and bought the hens a Veggie Basket!

FarmerSpence put a mic in the lean-to in preparation for the lambing.

And they were born! Lamb #1 is a ram, approximately 8.8lbs, born on May5th @ 9:32pm MDT.

Later he was then warmed in the car after he failed to stand and nurse.

Lamb #2 is a ewe, about 10lbs, born May 6th @ 12:01am MDT

An extended Highlight of the events can be watched here.

Or you can watch the full VOD, here.

As well as some photos from the happy event.

We started off Thursday morning by L2 falling through the fence.

Of course she got herself back inside just FarmerSpence arrived to help.

She finally managed to latch on a nurse!

While one of Ada's peeps quickly learned how to get some treats.

You know he maybe mean, but the new cameras do show off how pretty he is.

Lots of napping going on!

Lucy and her baby girl.

Our mini ram had an outing with the chickens on Friday.

Pumpkin is slowly getting back to normal and kicking up some dirt.

Lucy and her little girl graduated to outside the lean-to. A little scary at first, but not for long!

Weighing the little ewe.

FarmerSpence gave Lucy some hand noms. The W's wanted some too. Very much so.

SO pushy that FarmerSpence decided it was best for the safety of the baby to move the W's into the Alleyway.

Jollywintr (a.k.a. Charles) made a new custom Lego plans for the Hutch and Blaster.

On Saturday FarmerSpence brought the little lamb out into the yard again. Progress was made as he starts to learn to help himself rather than waiting on the hooman.

And Pumpkin continues to improve and just be a normal roo again.

That wraps it up for this busy week! Hope yours was more relaxing. Until next week, we'll see you in chat.