The weekly happenings for February 28, 2021 - March 6, 2021

We start off the week with a new treat for the chickens. Cabbage!

And a new surprise afterwards.

With all the chickens out at Rooville, FarmerSpence decided they needed a bigger House.

Then quickly got to work on building it.  

FarmerSpence was happy to announce that chat raised $1,200 for St. Jude.

While the ducks got themselves some new emotes from the very talented SixtenArt.

Tuesday quickly became the bestest day when Blueberry finally laid an egg!

And made even cuter when FarmerSpence found an Ada pancake.

EVEN BETTER we got a new egg record!

Wednesday's lettuce treat was no match for the hens.

Kitty somehow managed to lift the nesting box while making the perfect spot to lay underneath it.

FarmerSpence continued to make progress on the new coop.

Somehow he found the time to add a new game to his channel and Bill gave all the winners a prize!

Speaking of games, FarmerSpence also added Connect 4 to the duck stream. And coded it so that you can still play while in emote only mode.

After the rain, Scissors found a new way to get some water.

Guess who thought it was warm enough to come to the feeder!

We also got a brand new visitor to the ducks.

Back at OCL, FarmerSpence tests out a new veggie basket point redeem in chat. Causing some to get shut out of the coops.

A sneezie hooman spooks the little peeps.

Friday was met with FarmerSpence announcing the Veggie Super Basket points item. Chat was quick to redeem.

The first redeemer was TheGeek007.

The coop build continues. With chimes!

While Autumn continues to show us what he wants. Like, NOW.

Another Super Veggie Basket redeemed! This time by RangerAlpha7.

Still working on that new coop.

That wraps things up for this week. Hope yours was good as well. Until next week, we'll see you in chat!