The happenings for the week of March 7, 2021 - March 13, 2021

We started off this week with a new cam! Say hello to InHouseB.

Spring is showing us it's on its way!

Which means it's time to water the trees. Gotta hookup that water cannon!

FarmerSpence did some more work on the new coop at Rooville.

This week also showed us that Billy Jr isn't so much of a 'Jr' as she starts to act 'nesty'.

Autumn knows his timing!

While Stormy and Evan show they're just like kids fighting until Dad shows up.

Then Mozart does what younger siblings do. They give Dad a poopy hug.

The wind was making the roof of the sheeps hut rattle. So FarmerSpence had to do a quick fix.

And an unplanned hoof trim for a limping Lucy after she takes out the camera.

FarmerSpence then continues to do more work on the coop build. Even in the wind.

Another Veggie Basket redeemed! This one by Reiz0r.

FarmerSpence decided since people seemed to like the Connect 4 game, he'd give it its own stream. With instructions on how you can add it to your own stream.

Tiny Ada decided it was time she tried out being a mom. FarmerSpence was happy to help her out.

Just when you thought winter was done, Mother Nature surprises you.

With the excitement of Ada hatching eggs, FarmerSpence decided to make yet another stream. Dedicated to special events.

ExpectingStorms made a highlight of FarmerSpence installing the new cam.

As well as another camera.

Agatha has proven to be Lenny's favorite hen. So she got herself a brand new apron.

We got ourselves another Noodle Party! This one courtesy of Pintamels.

After a couple of nights, FarmerSpence candled Ada's eggs to see how they were doing.

Soon to be new momma has a few things to say, too.

And does her best impersonation of a turkey.

The baby peeps are getting bigger. Now someone needs to explain to them not to take a dust bath in the food dish.

Day 4 candling of Ada's eggs to see how they're progressing.

That wraps it up for this week. Hopefully you're staying nice and warm as we slowing move towards spring. Until next week, see you in chat!