The happenings for the week of February 21, 2021 - February 27, 2021

We begin the week with another Autumn update before he headed back to Rooville.

It was also duckie bath time this week. Took some snow and some bribing, but they finally got there.

Seems Billy Jr still had some issues with his eye. So FarmerSpence had to check it once again.

Eggspresso also seemed to have an issue with his eye this week. But he was not letting FarmerSpence anywhere near him.

Tuesday morning began with a gift! This time from GabrielFurlong!

And tis the season to clean out the coop.

Who said chickens can't hop?

FarmerSpence finally caught Eggspresso and was able to check his eye.

We also got an update on Autumn and his eye.

Tuesday brought some water pump issues to the pond.

Evan and Stormy apparently didn't listen to FarmerSpence's last stern talking to. So they got another one.

Poor Scissors was having a crop issue. So FarmerSpence took him to OCL.

We got an update that evening.

And another update the next morning.

Then Scissors got his turn for a photo shoot. But not without some banter!

We got awesome photos out of it!

Finally Scissors returned to the Garden.

Puddles was getting a little too obsessed with the boxes in the blue coop. They all belong to her, apparently.

So FarmerSpence swapped out the boxes for ... boxes.

Eventually we realized Puddles in the blue coop was just not a good idea. So a cardboard box was moved to the small coop, and the original nesting boxes rehung in the blue coop.

One of the geese decided the best place to nest is up in a tree ... she's fine.

FarmerSpence still had quite a bit more work to do on the water pump.

Also got a quick check on another rooster, Boss, to see how his toenails were doing.

Hen's got a new treat this week. Cauliflower! And they seem to really like it.

FarmerSpence was finally able to get the water pump completely fixed.

Guess what?! We got new peeps! Six of them, to be exact!

FarmerSpence helped them get settled down in the shed.

On Saturday, FarmerSpence decided to raise up the nesting boxes in the blue coop a bit higher to try to keep Puddles from trying to climb inside them.

That wraps it up for this week. Hopefully you had a good one. Until next week, we'll see you in chat!