The weekly happenings for February 14th, 2021 - February 20, 2021

We start the week with Elsa losing a toenail and having to get it fixed up.

Autumn was also dealing with another injury. At this point we think he's doing it on purpose so that he can stay at OCL.

If that wasn't enough, both Billy Jr and Boss made a trip to OCL. Billy Jr for an eye injury and Boss for his toenail.

Wednesday brought the weather to OCL. In the form of a whole lot of snow.

And for the chickens, the snow is lava.

Pocket, on the other hand, once again confirmed that the only hooman he likes is FarmerSpence.

FarmerSpence gave the ladies some lettuce to munch on, and boy do those girls like lettuce!

Boss and Squiggy (aka Ziggy) both saw a hawk perched up in a tree. And Ziggy showed us why he didn't get to stay at OCL.

But we raised more money for St. Judes!

On Friday we got an update on Autumn's eye.

When FarmerSpence got to the farm later that day, he barely got the camera started before the hens tried to run off in the Durango.

Later he gave them some hand treats and they gobbled them up. With a growl.

Sheepies love their scratches.

And Bill ... well he just likes causing messes.

Saturday brought some more weather so the hens spent some time under the coop. And once again, someone laid an egg under there ...

Evan and Stormy had another roommate argument and got themselves a stern talking to from FarmerSpence.

That wraps it up for this week. Hopefully you got through yours with no injuries! Until next week, we'll see you in chat.