The weekly happenings for July 12, 2020 to July 18, 2020

We start off the week with a silly Pewter sneaking up on Pocket.

But don't feel bad for Pocket. That silly little roo gave FarmerSpence a hard time.

Speaking of silly animals, Banksy decided to give the geese a good chase as well.

On the goose front, Billie's eggs seemed like they were starting to hatch!

And before we knew it, he decided to come on out!

The little gosling gave us some tiny little stretches!

On the chicken front, it was all about Millie and the hatching of her 3 little ducklings. ExpectingStorms put together several highlights of the whole journey.

For those that just want to see a clip of the cute little things, here you go.

Like the cute little ducklings? Well do we have news for you!

Ducklings weren't the only new addition to the group at the chickens. Anna joined the bunch as well.

And that's it for another busy week! We leave you this time with the cheeky Puddles along with Meringue having some watermelon. See you next week!