The weekly happenings for July 19, 20,20 - July 25, 2020

Unfortunately Twitch was having issues with clips this week, so this is going to be a very short update.

At the ducks the heron learned very quickly to stay out of reach of the sprinkler. So he's been hanging out much more this week, and even laid down on the shore. Love to show you a clip but ...

What we can show you, however, is the new camera view at the Ducks!

Thankfully, Twitch's clips were working enough to get a ton of baby clips. And who doesn't like baby clips? We start with little Billie Jr. While Billie's first two eggs didn't make it, she had one that did. And it's super cute!

We don't know how long Billie and Billie Jr will have to stay in the chicken tractor. FarmerSpence spotted two hawks in the area, and apparently the heron is also a danger to Billie Jr. So we're in wait and see mode. Not that anyone is complaining. We get lots of Jr time this way!

At the home for chickens it's been all about the baby ducks. And they finally met some of the adults.

They quickly realized the treat machine was the place to be!

Speaking of adult ducks, Ms Appleyard is the chickens new peace keeper.

FarmerSpence got some new emotes made for both the chickens and the ducks. Check them out!

Hopefully Twitch will get it's clipping function working for next week. Until then, we leave you with cute little Ada. Until next week, we'll see you in chat!