The weekly happenings of July 5, 2020 - July 11, 2020

We begin the week with poor Winona getting her ear tag caught on the hay netting.

FarmerSpence got her unstuck without issue and gave chat an update.

At Rooville, Sterling, Remmy and Scissors seems to be getting along just fine!

Cotton, no so much.

Another fox has made an appearance at the ducks. And this one, jumped into the empty duck house on the water.

We were trying to figure out exactly what breed of catfish was in the pond, so FarmerSpence managed to catch one to try and figure it out.

He also noticed what looks to be a school of baby fish.

Chickens weren't doing any better in the unwelcome visitors department. They had both a raccoon ...

And a skunk.

Pepper decided that she had to protect the treats from Stinky, possibly preventing him from being caught that night.

Pepper also decided she was going to dig a hole this week.

Then lay in it with Larry looking like an adorable couple.

Overall it was a bit of a quite week, but this next week should be the hatching of Millie's duck eggs! Hope to see you in chat to watch it happen. Until next week!