The weekly happenings for the week of June 28, 2020 - July 4, 2020

While Scissors has had his cottage for a bit now, what we didn't have was a video showing how FarmerSpence built it. Well now we do!

But what's even more fun, is the highlights of watching it get filmed!

The final Sebright has been named! Pewter, to match the other rooster named Sterling. And yeah, you guessed it. Pewter is a roo. He's working on his crow.

Millie, on the other hand, is still sitting on those duck eggs like a trooper. FarmerSpence has been trying to make sure she gets enough to eat. So much so that she's getting the VIP treatment!

And making sure she gets out to do ... other things.

Abby has taken to digging holes at the bottom of the hill, and has even found time to scare the hens.

Puddles is growing up to be a strong young duck who likes to try and eat the cameras.

We also got the sweetest donation ever! Just take a look and prepare to say, 'aaaawwwww!'

This week FarmerSpence set up some cameras for Youtube. For both the chickens ...

And the ducks!

So until next week, we'll see you in chat! Or Youtube!