The weekly happenings of April, 12, 2020 - April 18, 2020

With the passing of Matilda, FarmerSpence named one of the newly planted trees in her honor.

Oreo is finally at the end of her antibiotics and made her first appearance in the yard where she spent the majority of it taking a dust bath. Here's an extended highlight of her first day out.

Though we lost Matilda last week, this week surprised us with two stray ducklings.

The two new ducklings were introduced to everyone first thing. They're in their caged area to keep them from eating the chickens food, which is not good for them at this age due to it's high protein content.

The two little quackers are currently sleeping in a nice bedded area in the shed.

And umm ... getting it nice and dirty while they're there!

The mystery of where the ducks came from was finally solved.

In non duck news, Millies eggs seem to be coming along nicely!

And she left chat a little present ...

Speaking of eggs, we once again broke our egg record!

And on the 'surprise' front this week, Scissors tried to crow.

The jury is still out on the hen/rooster debate of Scissors. So we're just watching and waiting.

FarmerSpence has been at the drawing board, trying to make a treat canon for the girls!

Okay, it's a bit of a work in progress, but you can watch the highlight to see how it's going.

Made some changes and it's looking great now!

Oreo was finally feeling well enough to get some of that apple. Here's hoping she's back to her usual self next week!

And speaking of apple, we end this week on a little bit of happy. Little Mabel finally got herself some of that apple, too. Until next week, we'll see you in chat!