The weekly happenings for April 5, 2020 - April 11, 2020

Okay, the sheep aren't exactly naked, just seems that way now that they've been sheered. They almost look like completely different girls.

The heron is back this year and apparently super hungry. Cause he has just been catching fish ...

And more fish ...

And even more fish! He is starting to become a bit of a problem.

Poor Matilda was not having a good time this week. At some point she rebroke her leg.

So FarmerSpence made Matilda an appointment with the vet. In the mean time, she was nice enough to lay an egg for us.

And he gave chat a detailed update after her consultation with the vet.

But sadly, Matilda would not recover from the surgery.

On the brighter side of things, MissF had one of her eggs hatch!

Since only one of MissF's eggs was able to develop and hatch, he scoured the stores and brought 3 baby chicks home so that the lone peep could have some siblings.

Speaking of eggs, seems once again we broke our record for the most eggs in one day!

FarmerSpence decided it was time to pretty things up, and bought some trees for both the roosters and the chickens.

Sophie, Ada and Mabel inspected the tree real good and gave us the okay!

Here's a highlight of all the ladies watching FarmerSpence work hard and helping spread the dirt around.

Millie finally got her eggs to try and hatch. It's her first time at this whole 'Mom' thing but she's doing her best!

Then later in the week she took a much needed break from her egg sitting and gave herself a nice dust bath.

May we all have our Millie moment, and go play in the dirt. Until next week, chat.