The weekly happenings for April 19, 2020 - April 25, 2020

We begin this update with some of our lovely viewers who were feeling extra giving this week, spoiling both the sheep and the ducks!

Boesanator2448 was extra generous giving the ducks 18,550 bits this week, while his friend DupontRacin24 gave 11,600 bits! So fantastic for the ducks! Here's a clip of some of those treats.

And that wasn't all. markorl_ was SUPER giving this week and gave the sheep an amazing 41,672 bits! We could almost buy a new sheep with that!

It was also a week for visitors. We had a fluffy farm cat stop by the sheep.

While the ducks got a visit by some troublesome young cows that knocked over one of the cameras and then checked out their handy work.

The debate on Scissors being a rooster or not is still ongoing, but they had a visit to the Silkie Boys coop.

FarmerSpence is a bit worried about Scissors, however. They don't seem to be getting enough food with that scissor beak so he made some oatmeal. Scissors seems to like it.

Speaking of noms, FluffyFace seems to be getting along with Tiger really well! They even eat together peacefully.

Back at the roos, Pocket continues to show us what a big man he is with his adorable crows while stuck inside his vacation home.

It's been and up and down week for Billie. The boy ducks prevented her from going into the coop before it closed, twice. After the first time, FarmerSpence candled the eggs and saw no growth so he removed them. But Billie was determined to brood so he found 4 eggs for her to sit on, even though he was uncertain if they were viable.

However, once again the boy ducks caused her to miss the coop door once again. FarmerSpence searched around the pond and found some more eggs for her to try and hatch. We still have our fingers crossed.

Speaking of babies, the two ducklings are doing just fine and spent their first night in the blue coop. When morning came and the doors opened, they headed right for the treat machine to see what it was all about. Safe to say, they're a fan.

They also discovered that playing in their water bowl is tons of fun.

And Midna showed just how comfortable she is with the chickens by resting her beak on one while napping.

One of the baby chicks showed off their braveness by following mommy MissF up onto the roost.

But that was not the only brave baby. This week they ventured outside and down the ramp all by themselves!

They also found the food bowl and gladly helped themselves.

If you want to see the whole days first adventure, expectingStorms put together highlights of them going outside, rounding them up at the end of the day, and having their little dust baths.

And the next day they once again made their way up the ramp and back into the coop with almost no help. Almost!

The TreatBlaster is still an ongoing project that the hens enjoy. A LOT.

And even better!

FarmerSpence also worked on some more trees this week. Timmy, meet Tommy.

Last, but not least, FarmerSpence took a peek at Millies growing eggs.

This next week should be lots of fun with those eggs due to hatch on Tuesday! Hope you join us in chat to see it all happen!