The weekly happenings of February 23, 2020 - February 29, 2020

We greeted this Leap Year week with a new camera being installed in the sheeps nice, new, spacious area.

FarmerSpence then moved onto Nessie at the duck pond and finally got her up and going!

Nessie looks delightfully creepy in the dark, by the way.

But more exciting news was in store for the ducks: We got the lease!

This means no one should be around the duck pond without talking to FarmerSpence first. Which is a big relief to everyone.

On the chicken front, Beverly is feeling much better and insisted on being let into "her" crate inside the house to lay her egg.

Not to be out done, E2 and E4 finally decided to venture outside the blue coop, and did okay for themselves.

ExpectingStorms put together an extended highlight for anyone who missed the fun of watching them explore. Check it out below!

And the busy week ended with chat picking out names for the 4 chicks!

E3 has been given the name of Ada Newton. Sort of.

Originally thought to be a rooster, time is starting to show that Newton might actually be a hen. So now we just wait to see if she gets to join her sisters in the blue coop with the name of Ada Newton, or if actually a rooster and will then just go by the name of Newton. Time will be the deciding factor with this chick.

E1 has been given the name Pocket which is just as cute and adorable as he is!

The name Sophie has been given to E2, and Mabel for E4. Profile updates will be added as quickly as they can be.

Now bring on the month of March!