The weekly happenings of February 16, 2020 - February 22, 2020

We started off the week with a much improved Beverly update! She even spent some time outside with the rest of the girls.

On the Sheep front, their new and much bigger pen is almost finished! FarmerSpence got the area fenced off and is now working on the wiring and then he will move the cameras, and eventually Lucy and Ethel, into their new home.

And it looks like they might have finally forgiven FarmerSpence for that trip to the vet for their yearly checkup. Maybe.

Matilda is still slowly working on getting better and manages to keep up with the other ducks at the pond quite well. She's not about to let that leg hold her back!

FarmerSpence finally managed to get a hold of FluffyFace to try and remove some of the mats and burrs she's had in her fur for a bit now. She was nice and calm for the most part, but FarmerSpence did accidentally nick her so now she'll be spending some time in the house to make sure it all heals up fine with no infection.

The chicks continue to grow and it seems E1 has even been practicing his little morning crows that chat now eagerly listens for in the morning. So cute!

They also got themselves a lovely xylophone and a cute swing. They're still uncertain of the swing, but they've been pecking at the xylophone just fine!

This week also saw the creation of the new streaming group, Our Friends, in which other animal related streams will be add to the group in the future.

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Our Friends

And last, but in no way least, a new section was added to the website to recognize the people who have celebrated their one year subversary with the chickens and ducks. Sheep and rooster subversary will be added once they reach their 1st streaming year.

Our Most Eggsellent Viewers
OurChickenLife first went live in late October of 2018. By mid November, 2018, OCL reached Affiliate Status allowing chicken fans to subscribe to the channel. Some of our first subs are still with us! This page is for all of our loyal subs who have given the stream support for a year or more, aka, …

Hopefully, it will be an ever expanding list! ;)

See you next week!