OurChickenLife first went live in late October of 2018. By mid November, 2018, OCL reached Affiliate Status allowing chicken fans to subscribe to the channel. Some of our first subs are still with us! This page is for all of our loyal subs who have given the stream support for a year or more, aka, achieved their First Heniversary!


First Heniversary
One Year+ Sub achievement in OurChickenLife
MiltManDoom, ExpectingStorms, KillerStiletto, HippyHugs7, FuzziedLogic, NomSmushie, KhaoticDuck, GloomyGon, CaptinBuggaNuts, TheGoatChick, ferialghost, Elrassel, BePresent

Don't worry DashDucks friends, we see you too! DashDucks started streaming Nov 27th, 2018 and reached Affiliate at the beginning of Dec, 2018. Thank you, duck friends!

First Duckversary
One Year+ Sub achievement in DashDucks
ExpectingStorms, KhaoticDuck, Alixze

Missing name?
Are you a one year or more subscriber to OurChickenLife or DashDucks and your name is missing here? Let ExpectingStorms or KillerStiletto know in one of the chats so we can add you here. <3

Sheep devotees and Roo fanciers, don't feel left out. Those streams are still pretty new and haven't been live a full year yet. :)