The weekly happenings from February 9, 2020 - February 15, 2020

The sheep seem to finally be settling in at their new (temporary) spot and Lucy must have stolen some of FarmerSpence's morning coffee!

Field mice seem to have found the sheeps location and have paid them quite a few night time visits, stealing treats when they can.

A rooster, who's name is now Rebel, decided to take issue with Mr PomPom which resulted in some nips. So Mr Pom Pom got himself the very exclusive FarmerSpence Spa Treatment.

FarmerSpence tried his best to calm Rebel, but unfortunately it didn't work and he had to separate him for a day. But Rebel is back and doing fine now.

Something must have been in the air for the roosters. Even Cotton and Evan had a tussle which resulted in them also getting the FarmerSpence Spa Treatment. But we got cute pics out of it!

The duck pond got a visit from Banksy, a chat favorite. Watch him nom before being scared by the bell.

On the chicken front, both Bev and MissF have insisted on going broody, resulting in them not taking care of themselves properly. Both were taken into the house for a few days to make sure they would eat and drink enough and hopefully give up on the whole broody business until the spring.

However, seems Bev is not doing well and we're reminded that she's an older hen, so being broody is making it even harder on her body.

Miss October had a minor injury that also had to be addressed. She got a cute little toe wrap out of it.

FarmerSpence also addressed the issue of people trying to feed the hens before reading that the machine is empty. Still trying to work things out, but ideas are flowing.

Both E2 and E4 spent some time alone in the blue coop, which will be their new home once they're both old enough, and well enough.

And finally, the hens got to celebrate Valentine's Day with some cooked noodles!