Black and red Black Copper Maran/Americauna=Olive Egger.
Hatched on May 18th, 2019.
Brother to Fiddler.
Personality: Scrappy and super independent.
Hangs out with QT and near Rooville.

Health check and photos! Mr P has REALLY filled out compared to his last spa day shots. Dec 24th, 20.
Cheeks for days.
He actually has tiny hints of leg feathers from his maran side!
If you wonder about his name. All you need to do is check out these serious cheek floofs and beard which come from his Ameraucana side of the family.
His name and cheeks are adorable but he is very proud and tries to be a strong leader.
A recent scuffle required a roo spa day. He was well behaved and enjoyed it.
Still showing how proud he is.