Farm Mix of Australorp, Rhode Island Red, possible Americana. Rooster.
Hatched Oct 3rd, 2019.
Personality: Friendly and sweet, but will complain occasionally about feeding time!

Special Needs: Scissor Beak.
Scissor beak, or cross beak, is a facial deformity where the upper and lower beak do not line up with each other. It can be mild to severe, depending on the bird. It is often apparent when they are first hatched. It makes eating and drinking difficult and special considerations often need to be made to make sure the bird in question gets it's nutritional needs met.

Scissors was just about the same size as his hatch mates through 2 months of age. His beak is trimmed occasionally to help him peck food. He was having more trouble getting enough nutrition from pecking dry food and was fairly slim compared to his hatch mates at mature age. FarmerSpence started feeding him mushy oatmeal and suddenly Scissors had a growth spurt. Turns out Scissors is in fact a rooster. Now days, Scissors gets daily hand feeding with rooster foods. He's really blossomed!

Scissors always had long looking legs but still looked henish. Here, we can see a rooster tail coming in.
Like Betty, Scissors has super dark leg and beak pigment. Perhaps they are closely related.
Scissors facial deformity might lend itself to lack of large wattles.
2 month old profile.