November 24, 2019 - November 30, 2019

Monday brought a ton of snow to the chickens, and for a number of the younger hens, it was their first time experiencing it. Chat had a slight panic when it was noticed that four hens, Queenie, Harriet, Skye and Cocoa were missing. After an extensive search by farmerSpence, the girls decided to reappear the following afternoon by coming out from under the red shed where they had decided to wait out the white stuffs without telling us.

Pepper and Larry, on the other hand, loved the quiet time in the snow while digging for noms.

We also witnessed the chickens get a lot more snow over Thanksgiving, so chat got to see a very festive FarmerSpence build a lovely snowman!

While the ducks had a lovely visiting goose to admire.

The four new chicks are growing super fast, right before chats eyes. And on Saturday were relocated from the house to the shed. Check out some clips of their cuter moments!