The most highly anticipated event of the year for chickens finally happened on November 19, 2019. Starting with 13 possible fertile eggs from Pippin and Olivia, and successfully ending with 4 new adorable chicks. expectingStorms put together highlights of each Serama and Belgian D’uccle chick for those who missed the blessed event!

Check out the rest on her HatchLog!

Pippin x Olivia #OPHatchLog
Hatched Nov. 19th, 2019 via incubator.Sired by Pippin, a possible Golden Darkwing Serama Rooster.Biological brood of Olivia, a Mille Fleur Belgian d’Uccle hen. 13 possibly fertile eggs placed in incubator late October, 2019. 5 showed growthinitially.Eventually, only 4 eggs remained. Eggs in left…