The Happenings for the week of March 28, 2021 - April 3, 2021

We started off the week with more building!

The pond got itself a new visitor! A Cormorant.

For Banksy, that's just one more thing to scare.

It's Monday and the chicks started hatching early.

Warmer weather means the heron is back. He's not very nice, either.

Tuesday brought some finishing details on the new coop.

And all of Ada's chicks finally hatched.

She's already trying to show the first chick all about food.

Once again, only 2 out of 3 ducks decided a bath was a good idea.

More gifts arrived! This time from shirsureok!

The older peeps are having fun with their day outing in the Blue Coop.

Scissors got himself a beak trim.

More coop build work!

FarmerSpence did some pen adjustments in Wills area, with baby sheep in mind.

And it's no April Fool's! We raised another $650 for St. Jude's!

Another gift arrived! This one from Datafriken!

The Jeep got itself a fancy upgrade.

Pants got herself an apron this week.

A male Wild American Widgeon paid the duck pond a nice visit.

He came back later with more friends.

More work on the Garden pen. This time moving some pavers over.

While the 4 day old chicks are already testing out the roost bar.

The warmer weather also means the blaster at OCL has moved back to its original position. Or at least, close enough to it. Either way, the birds are happy about it!

That wraps it up for this week! Hope you had a good one and until next time, we'll see you in chat!