The happenings for the week of March 21, 2021 - March 27, 2021

NAKED SHEEP! Sort of. It was time for the yearly sheering of the sheep.

If you don't want to watch the full highlight, here is the sheering of Williow.




And Willis.

If all the moving around makes you a little bit queasy, here's the version for you!

Lucy maybe showing a bit of udder development!

FarmerSpence candled Ada's eggs at Day 13 to see how they are doing.

We got a new egg record!

The ducks once again show how to get all the noms.

Warmer weather has brought some visitors at the farm.

We got another gift! Or rather, the rest of a the gift from BetterwithPirates!

They ate the whole thing super quick, too!

FarmerSpence continued on with the new coop build! Sadly the camera batteries quit partway through, but we can at least watch some of it.

Eliyellowbear Veggie Basket redeem!

And Mother Nature laughed in our faces Friday.

The sheep really do have it in for the cams ...

Another view of Lucy udder development!

While the coop build continues!

And some aprons for the farm hens.

That wraps up this weeks fun! Hope your week was good as well. Until the next time, we'll see you in chat!