The happenings for the week of January 31, 2021 - February 2, 2021

The decision was made for Clover to head back to the coop at the pond, where she came from now that all her feathers have grown back in. Except this time, she joins Skye with the silkie boys.

Her arrival at Rooville!

But Clover remembered life of the other side of the fence. Decisions were made, and she went there, showing off her impressive escape skills.

And found her way into the main coop at night.

While Clover returned to the pond, Buttercup's sister Daisy came for her health check, and stayed.

And of course, we got new pictures of both girls.

This week also saw the lovely donations come in for FarmerSpence's streams.

A Christmas present sent by Eliyellowbear finally arrived. And it was extra special.

GabrielFurlong gave us another noodleman party along with lots of treats! And real noodles!

Seems FarmerSpence still hasn't learned about this thing called ice ...

And someone needs to help Ethel learn how to take a selfie.

While the Bill's work on their parade skills.

Anna proves that ducks are not just mindless eating machines. She no care about snacks, only naps.

Banksy says hi.

Another gift arrived! This time from BetterWithPirates!

That about wraps up this week. Hope yours was wonderful and we hope to see you in chat!