The happenings for the week of January 24, 2021 - January 30, 2021

We start this week with a very confused Agatha, who still hasn't figure out how to use a box to lay an egg.

While Clover, on the other hand, has developed a very bad egg habit.

And Pumpkin finally proved that he can, indeed, crow.

It was another bath day for the duckies! Except for Elsa, who said 'no' after getting spooked by a passing deer in the yard.

Speaking of ducks, Puddles somehow managed to eat a rubber band. FarmerSpence just couldn't figure out where she could have possibly gotten ahold of a rubber band. Then it hit him.

And another package finally arrived! This one from DataFriken!

Over at the sheeps, Lucy has figured out how to keep all the snacks to herself.

She even got to try Scissors food.

FarmerSpence thought it would be a lovely idea to get both the sheep, and chat, dizzy. While Willis showed off his jumping skills in the background.

Skye got to hear her favorite sound this week.

While Autumn just wanted all the noms.

And the wild ducks continue to hangout at the pond and have some fun while they're at it.

Which is nice because FarmerSpence upgraded the ducks to a bigger feeder!

Meet Socks!

ExpectingStorms quickly posted a poll to gets chats opinion.

Socks taught FarmerSpence a very good lesson that day. That he needs to look before sitting down.

Here's a highlight of her first time seeing her new home.

And pictures! FarmerSpence took pictures of both Socks ...

As well as Bootsie.

That wraps up this week. Hopefully yours was a nice a peaceful one. Hopefully we'll see you in chat! Until then, maybe we can figure out exactly who trained who ...