The happenings for the week of January 10, 2021 - January 16, 2021

We start off the week with Pocket coming back to Chickens for his checkup and comb ouchies.

And he seems SO happy to be back!

Have you ever seen a TacoPocket? Well now you have.

And guess what?! Pocket just might stay!

Squiggy and Lenny got their health checkups this week, and they might also stay.

Picture shoot didn't go quiet as calmly as we were hoping.

However, they took some fabulous pictures!

Not only does Squiggy take great pictures, he knows how to make an entrance.

Little Ear and Big Ear also got their pictures taken this week.

Along with BlueBerry, Pumpkin and Jazzy!

Puddles ordered a bath this week. And well, you know the ducks ...

FarmerSpence decided to start streaming his farm chores to his personal account instead of Rooville this week.

He's also been streaming his trips to the farm at night to collect more chickens for their checkups, and caught a glimpse of an owl.

And some deer once again paid the ducks a visit.

Friday morning began with a brand new treat bag! Everyone say, "Thank you, Charles!"

Friday also saw the arrival of a brand new sign to put up out at the pond.

Fiddler finally returned to Rooville.

And he quickly went back to "his" roof.

While FarmerSpence was busy with Fiddler, the chickens tried to hijack the car.

In return, FarmerSpence broke some eggs. We thought that was Skye's job ...

And that about wraps things up for this week. Hopefully you had a good week and we hope to see you in chat. Until then, enjoy a few 'oopsies'.