The happenings for the week of January 3, 2021 - January 9, 2021

We start off the week with the ladies not appreciating Stormy's grumpy attitude.

... Still working on calming down ...

Eventually he did calmed down, and did a little dance for Silver. Without getting mad.

The roos 'back home' at the pond, got themselves some special treats!

This week saw Mozart move from the chickens to his new home at the Cottage.

Over at the Pond, Bill decided to make some camera adjustments.

While Banksy got himself ... a frog?

And Jesse is just extra comfortable at the pond now.

We got an update on Fiddler's comb situation and he had to burn off some energy.

Finally cranky Stormy is collected to returned back to Rooville.

Well the next day saw both Stormy and Evan getting mini spa days.

FarmerSpence also has plans to build a new pen at Rooville.

Thursday finally saw the arrival of a Christmas gift sent by misha1874!

The ducks got some new emotes this week!

We also got an update on Fiddler and his comb situation.

While we haven't heard from the sheep in a while, I assure you they are just as cute as ever.

Speaking of cute, we have more pictures!

And that wraps it up for this week! We hope your week was a good one, and we hope to see you in chat!