The happenings for the week of December 27, 2020 - January 2, 2021

This week brought back a familiar friend. Bill wasn't happy about it, either.

But Bill was back to demanding food in no time!

FarmerSpence also fixed a setting on the blaster for the chickens that roam around the pond area.

At the Cottage, Scissors gave himself quite the dust bath.

The roosters seemed to be getting all riled up this week, FarmerSpence had to calm Autumn and Crowbar down.

Autumn loves getting pets from his hooman.

Disco ... not so much.

The sheep got themselves some fancy treats!

Over at chickens, we got another noodleman party thanks to Corn_lord123!

They also got some more snow.

This week has also seen some roos at the chickens. Millie was not sure about Autumn.

And Autumn doesn't seem to sure about some of the hens.

While Fiddler, who's visiting for an injury to his comb, would rather not wear his bandage.

The chickens also had themselves a VERY mysterious visitor!

Happy New Year!

And it was finally time to take down the Christmas tree.

One thing that will never change. And that's Millie wanting out of the coops asap.

This week also gave us a TON of new pictures!

And that about wraps up this week! Hope yours was nice and relaxing and we'll see you in chat!