The happenings for the week of December 20, 2020 - December 26, 2020

We begin the week with MORE presents! First up, HugsNeededDaily

Autumn has been at the Chickens place recovering from a foot problem. Doing better, FarmerSpence let him roam the yard to get some exercise. The youngsters were quite fascinated by him.

Pumpkin tried to show he's a big roo, too.

On Tuesday the hens got another present! This time it's another gift from BetterWithPirates.

And guess what happened Wednesday? Yep, you got it. Another gift. This time from Just_chichi!

Sadly, we wouldn't end the day on a high note.

Finally Christmas Eve, all the hens snuggled up in their coops, and helper Santa leaves some yummy treats as a surprise for the hens in the morning.

Christmas Morning!

FarmerSpence got a lovely gift from his sons!

Lavender left her own gift for FarmerSpence.

While Mozart tries to show us he's a proper roo, gosh darn it!

Meanwhile, FarmerSpence took some yummy treats out to the pond so that they could have some Christmas treats as well.

Even more deer stopped by the pond this week.

And even more wild ducks!

Along with some very, very unwelcome guests.

This week also kicked off the start of bird checkups. Which is resulting in new pictures of the chickens!

Guess who else got a Christmas treat!

And the presents still keep arriving! This one is from Northst_.

That wraps it up for this week. We hope your holidays were nice and peaceful. And we'll see you in chat!