The happenings for the week of October 11, 2020 - October 17, 2020

FarmerSpence deemed the injured Muffin a-okay and let both rejoin their siblings in the yard! They have no problem remember how to race for treats.

Puddles has also figured out the whole blaster thing.

And chat once again held another Blast Party!

FarmerSpence also put down a small 'wall' to help hide some wires from chewers. Pepper wasn't sure what to make of it.

Unfortunately the chickens have another hawk hanging around. And this time it almost got Hope.

FarmerSpence put up a second hawk net to hopefully give them more protection and suspended grass time for a bit after the hawk tried again.

Rooville got themselves another apartment. FarmerSpence felt it was best to separate the feistier roos from the sweeter roos at the Cottage. So with some help they moved the old chicken tractor over for the newest home.

Pocket, Sterling and Pewter waisted no time getting a feel for the new place.

While Einstein got enough confidence to try to spar with Remmy. Then changed his mind!

Meanwhile, all the chickens at the farm coop FINALLY all made it in for the night. Hopefully no more chasing them around in the dark trying to get them into the coop each night.

That wraps up this week. Hopefully the hawk has moved on and this next week will be nice and peaceful. Until next week, we leave you with the Sheep trying to break their feeder. Silly girls.