The happenings for the week of October 4, 2020 - October 10, 2020

The biggest news of this week is the releasing of the ducks! In other words, the 5 ducks that were hatched and raised at the chickens have now been moved to their new home, the pond. But first, FarmerSpence had to catch them.

Once the 5 ducks were caught, FarmerSpence and FilmerTim took them to the pond and set them loose!

FarmerSpence seems to have gotten himself a new hat ... sort of.

Apparently it's now one of Einstein's favorite spots.

Speaking of Einstein's favorite spots, his most favorite spot is on top of the Cottage Roof at bedtime. And this time, he convinced the others as well.

Too bad Einstein can't help FarmerSpence with his throwing ...

Back at Chickens, Spot has made his seasonal return!

Muffin is continuing to take her medication and getting her physical therapy. So far, so good!

Puddles loves treats so, so much. And when they don't come out, she tries to hide and ambush like she thinks the treats will suddenly drop if the machine thinks she's not there.

Chat also finally decided on a name for the last Silkie teen. Meet Blueberry.

Chat also got together and gave the hens a 'Blast Party'! They enjoyed it too, thank you very much!

That's all for this week! Are days are getting shorter and the weather turning colder, so come hang out with us in chat. Until next week, check out the hens getting extra good at getting that apple down!