The weekly happenings for September 13, 2020 - September 19, 2020

FarmerSpence is still have a good 'ol time playing with his new camera.

He even held it and continued filming while trying to catch Scissors to feed him. On the upside, he actually set it down to feed him. lol.

A young skunk has shown up at the chickens. Chat did it's best to chase it off.

And when that didn't work, Pepper gave it a try.

Speaking of black and white things, the muffins discovered Einstein and followed him around like a bunch of mini-me's.

They also had themselves a fun time following Larry under the fence to see what was on the other side.

They've also seem to have developed some strange sleep positions. Maybe it helps with head feather growth?

Puddles has obviously been studying Shadows apple technique and gave it a try on her favorite treat, a nice red pepper.

While some of the hens seem to have taken up flying lessons.

That wraps it up for us this week. But we'll leave you with one final word from Mabel. Until next week, we'll see you in chat.