The happenings for the week of September 6, 2020 - September 12, 2020

FarmerSpence went and got himself a new camera to play with!

And quickly went about trying it out with a trip to the farm to show us some of the things he does there. Best part, we got to see the running of the ducks!

But FarmerSpence wasn't happy with the way that one looked, so he gave it another try the very next day.

The farm baby chicks keep right on growing up and looking prettier each day.

And it's now gotten almost impossible to tell which one is Billie Jr.

FarmerSpence noticed Crowbar has one eye that's getting cloudy and thinks that explains why he doesn't move around a whole lot when outside the coop.

Back at chickens, Jinx was very unhappy with FarmerSpence because he was taking too long to serve them breakfast and just had to tell him about it.

We also had not one, but TWO noodleman parties! FarmerSpence's kids even joined in the fun!

Saturday became an adventure day for Einstein. He got to spend time out in the yard with the hens.

The little ducklings were finally allowed out of the hutch and seemed to run around just fine. However, when bedtime arrived, they were a bit confused on where to go.

Eventually, Citrine rounded the up and lead them into the Blue Coop for the night.

And that's it for another week with the lovely animals. Until next week, we'll see you in chat!