The happenings for the week of August 2, 2020 - August 8, 2020

We started off the week with more babies! And who doesn't love cute little babies?

They, of course, are cute and adorable all the time.

Sadly, some of the chicks didn't make it. It happens sometimes, but it is no less heartbreaking.

After speaking with the farm supply store, FarmerSpence went down and came home with something new!

That's right! More adorable babies! Fingers crossed they're all girls.

Speaking of little ones, Billie Jr is getting bigger every day!

His parents even brought him by the feeder for a moment.

And Billie Jr wasn't the only baby to find the feeder this week. (bottom cam)

It's also been another week for visitors. We have Rocky the Squirrel with the roos ...

Zooming deer ...

And a mouse.

It's very clear this week that the summer heat has officially gotten to FarmerSpence.

On the upside, he's been out in the heat working on the chickens new wall.

While the rest of the family tries to round up the ducks. It didn't go as smoothly as everyone hoped.  

That wraps up this week. Next week we'll continue watching the babies grow up while waiting for more eggs to hatch. Until then, we leave you with the cute ducklings. See you in chat!