The weekly happenings of May 17, 2020 - May 23, 2020

We begin this week with a feisty Willis. Just what are we going to do with you, sir?

One of the sheeps middle name appears to be Houdini, but we still don't know if it belongs to Willow or Winona. After escaping a few times she happily went back into the pen all on her own.

No more escaping for her, though. FarmerSpence put a border all the way around the pen to keep her from get out.

People have been asking about the ducklings now that they've been moved to the pond. No one could seem to find them, but it's also that time of year when the ducks spend a lot of time in the river instead of the pond. So unfortunately, there are no clear answers to their questions.

It was not the only sad news this week. The beautiful and elusive Onyx passed away far too soon. We'll miss your pretty face. <3

The fish at the pond just keep getting bigger and bigger!

The wind, however, decided to show that it was much, much bigger.

Speaking of messes, Scissors is well ... Scissors.

FarmerSpence also put up the signs around the pond to warn drivers to slow down. Or else!

Elsa has found herself back with the chickens. Seems her foot issues continue.

FarmerSpence took Elsa to the vet on Saturday morning to get her on the road to recovery.

We also got updates on the eggs we're all hoping hatch soon!

Speaking of eggs, little Mabel and Sophie can't help but share. LOL.

FarmerSpence and FilmerTim decided to work on the blue coop a bit and raise it up off the ground to further protect the coop. Then block the top rafters so that they would use the lower ones where there is much more room.

And we leaving you this week with the lovely tree ornament that knittingmachine1955 knitted for Tommy! Until next week, have a good one!