The weekly happenings of May 10, 2020 - May 16, 2020

Been a busy week this week on the sheep front. First stop was to move Willis over to Lucy and Ethel's place to they could spend some time together. But first, farmerSpence had to catch Willis.

Everything went okay in the move and Lucy seemed to think Willis was a-okay.

Williow and Winona moved into Willis now vacated pen, and had a bouncing good time!

FarmerSpence put together a youtube video for everyone if you want to see more of how the pen shifting went.

Alas a poor, sleep deprived farmerSpence did make a bit of an oopise and forgot to lock the gate.

Back at the ducks, that pesky heron just keeps coming back.

And one pest that gave chat a bit of a scare.

Scissors has decided that he's not hanging out with the silkie boys anymore, and has taken to jumping the fence into the sheep pen. So farmerSpence decided to just build him his own coop there.

In the mean time, Scissors spends his afternoons hanging out with Pocket.

Over at the chickens, farmerSpence showed off some signs he had made to put up at the pond, to warn drivers to slow down.

Guys, poor Millie was having a week. First, she gets scared by the blaster ...

... run over by a bun ...

And then stressed over her chicks in the tree.

On the upside, they learned how to go outside on their own pretty quickly.

Juniper has been broody of late so she, and Bev, were given some eggs to try and hatch.

And chat had a fun time picking out leg bands for the birds.

We finish off this week with tiny little Mabel laying an egg.

She's got a cute little egg song too!

Until next week, we'll see you in chat!