The weekly happenings for April 26, 2020 to May 2, 2020

We start off the week with babies! YAY!

MissF's babies are doing just fine! One of them watched the older hens up on the rooftop, and decided to try it for themselves.

They are also learning how to melt like a pro.

But what chat was waiting for the most, was the hatching of Millie's babies! It was a very long process that stretched out over days. Here's some highlights of the event.

Baby has fuzzy feets!

But that was all for the first day. So FarmerSpence checked to see how the others were coming along.

So we began the next morning with another check of the eggs.

And another ...

Still hoping and waiting!

Still waiting ...

Finally baby came out of it's shell and said 'hi' to us.

But it was clear that all was not going well for the poor little thing. Sadly, she passed away the next morning.

In happier news, the farm hen seems to be doing quite well in her new environment.

Elsa seemed to have a limp going on, but a quick check showed she was just fine. We think she's just faking it to stay with the chickens longer!

Primrose didn't seem to be doing as good, however. So FarmerSpence had to take a look at her.

Now that we're certain that Scissors is indeed a rooster, he's been moved to the Silkie boys coop. Pocket hangs out with him for a bit every day.

The sheep had some more visitors this week. Seems like their place is the cool place to hang out.

And Lucy and Ethel met FarmerTim this week and seemed to be just fine with him!

They got their hooves trimmed and had some lovely pictures taken for future channel emotes.

A nice highlight of meeting FarmerTim and a quick talk of their plans.

When FarmerSpence was taking care of Ethel's hooves and trying to do some trimming he nicked her on accident.

This week they also finished up the area for the new ram they're picking up on Tuesday.

And the building didn't stop. They're making a new tractor for the farm hens. While Billie gave up trying to hatch some goslings, new Billy has taken her spot. And she is not as friendly as old Billie.

All done!

Now we close out the week with a quick look at the ducks and fish sharing some snacks in the evening.

And something about a hat?

So until next week chat. See you then!