The weekly happenings for March 22, 2020 - March 28, 2020

We (unfortunately) begin the week with continuing hawk issues. FarmerSpence has thought about fencing and netting as the noodlemen work overtime trying to keep the hens safe.

FarmerSpence even had to race down the hill to save one of his neighbors chickens. We can only hope the hawk moves on soon.

In other chicken news, Oreo has got herself a vet appointment. She developed and cold and has been inside the house getting better. And while she's doing a whole lot better, the sniffles just won't completely go away.

On the happier side, MissF continues to sit on her eggs. We possibly have 3 viable eggs so chat has their fingers and toes crossed that all goes well. FarmerSpence also ordered some more eggs for Millie to try and hatch! It's her first time so we're all excited to see how she does.

For the Silkie Boys, they got themselves a new camera in their coop. So now we get to see Evan's glorious bedhead.

At the duck pond, the cat fish are awake and active ...

... a calf gave us kissess ...

And FarmerSpence started working on a treat cannon for the ducks. Still needs some work, but have a peek.

On the sheep front, they got themselves some visitors this week!

They also got a visit from Pocket which didn't go as planned.

Here's hoping that next week is nice and quiet and we don't have to worry about hawks. Until next time, we'll see you chat!