The weekly happenings of March 15, 2020 - March 21, 2020

It’s been a horrible week and sadly there is no way to sugarcoat things to make them less painful.

It began early Monday morning when chat started to realize that we hadn’t seen BlindEye in a bit. Going back through the past videos shows her rushing out the coop door with the rest of the hens on Sunday morning and hopping over the fence to find food amongst the emerging grass. Sadly, that’s the last sighting of her.

At first no one was very worried. BE has a history of finding strange places to lay eggs and go broody. We figured she was just holed up somewhere. However, the following days would throw all that into doubt as a hawk managed to grab Olivia, but dropped her just as FarmerSpence came out to investigate the noise. For those unaware, when a hawk is successful they tend to hang around and try their luck again. With heavy hearts and this in mind, is why we believe BE met an unfortunate end.

But the week was not done being awful. On Thursday morning, FarmerSpence found Zelda by the river, and she had passed. With only two small cuts on her back, he can only guess that it might be a mating accident. Sadly we will never know for sure. Zelda was a chat favorite  with her sassiness and she’s going to be missed.

On a happier note, FarmerSpence had ordered some eggs for MissF to hatch and they finally arrived! MissF is super happy, as you can imagine. Some extended highlights of the happy event.

The Silkie Boys finally got their new area set up and moved over. Now we just have to wait for their feeder to arrive.

Stinky boy was finally caught and relocated. But not before annoying Pepper.

How to catch a duck:

  1. Approach duck with treats & whistle.
  2. Attract chickens from coop w/ treats/whistling and drop treats to chase duck.
  3. Realize duck is wily so toss some bribes by coop before retreating.
  4. Ignore duck taunting and enjoying treats with chickens.
  5. Enlist mini roo to herd chickens and duck to coops.
  6. Rush mini roo back inside when he crows for chickens.
  7. Again ignore duck taunting.
  8. Try more coop bribes. Ignore more taunting.
  9. Ask duck nicely to follow chickens.
  10. Try to corner duck one more time.
  11. Recruit one child Farmer to help and success!

Just watch the highlight below!

We had an eggy record and some phone issues. You know, just to round out the week.

And just one last thing to help cheer you up this week. Pocket trying to eat chat.