The weekly happenings for the week of March 8, 2020 - March 14, 2020

We started the week off with a bang! A Spanish streamer/youtube personality visited all four streams to feed the animals and even posted a video on youtube about it. The ducks got themselves some new friends for a short period of time.

Speaking of good times, seems the fox was only the beginning of the visitors to the pond this week. We had a raccoon ...

And not to be out done, we also had a cat ...

Which might be why the ducks have made themselves a nest in the cattail.

Back at the chickens, Primrose finally got her glamour shots done and her profile loaded onto the website.

And the chickens also got their own, not welcomed, visitor this week. Seems yet another Stinky has shown up.

Now we move onto our current Mystery ...

SO! At some point this past week, chat noticed this lovely hen and wondered who she was. And that's when the questions we'll probably never get answers to began. No one could quite recall if they'd seen her before or not. Was she yet another stray hen that showed up? Or was she just one of the nameless black hens that no one really noticed before?

Chat decided Mystery was the perfect name for her. However, expectingStorms dug through her clips and has added to the mystery of Mystery. Here's a clip from June of 2019.

At the time the clip was done, we were pretty sure this was Miss Dainty, a hen that really didn't care about treats at all. Look a bit familiar? Same comb, same waddles. Here's a clip of newly named Mystery.

Hard to say with 100% certainty, but it's possible that Mystery is actually Miss Dainty. We might never know for sure, and so it seems Mystery is accurately named.

In the land of the roosters, FarmerSpence has begun working on the coop for the Silkie Boys. He's hoping to finish it quickly so that they can begin getting used to their new home right next to Rooville.

All in all it's been an exhausting week and I think we should all take a tip from Larry, and just flop.