Possible Australorp/Rhode Island Red hen.
Passed away March 30th, 2020.
Personality: Elusive, quiet and Mysterious.

This is a black hen that may be Miss Dainty or may be a different related hen that has been around or she could be a stray..... There is one clip that appears to be her from 5 months ago. Miss Dainty was named well over a year ago for being the hen that didn't care about treats but no one really remembers what she looked like, other than she was black and maybe had red streaks on her chest. Betty rather fits this description as well (minus the red)! It is no wonder she is so elusive. If you weren't paying attention she would look like one of the other black bodied girls from behind and you will not likely see her eating treats.

A very solid looking and very quiet lady. She made no fuss about being handled.
She has a lovely 'necklace" of red, red along her comb and some red streaks on the very front of her chest.
Her comb is a single comb but very small compared to Meteor or Fireball.