The weekly happenings of March 1, 2020 - March 7, 2020

We begin the month of March with lovely photo updates of the newly named Sophia and Mabel.

The girls also got to experience the treat machine for the first time!

Pocket has spent almost every night in front of the treat machine this week, sometimes with Millie. Who is still not to sure about him.

Speaking of Millie, she managed to get herself super muddy again, so she spent another fabulous day at the famous FarmerSpence Day Spa.

Primrose got both her name and a leg charm this week. Now we just have to wait for her glamour shots!

And in a fit of fun, the girls stole a paper towel and the race was on!

We also broke our previous record for number of eggs laid in one day, and they even used the metal nesting box!

The silkie boys are getting themselves a new area. The ducks and geese have become too much of a problem in their current location, often preventing them from going into their tractor for bed when they want to roost. So they'll be moving into a spot right next to Rooville.

The other problem the silkie boys, and every other bird is having right now, is a sneaky fox! That's one pretty boy we don't want around.

Foxes are hard creatures to keep away, so FarmerSpence bought another noodleman for the farm. Fingers crossed it works to keep the fox away.

And that wraps up the first week of March. Now bring on the spring time weather!