All the happenings from December 8, 2019 - December 14, 2019

The week began with FarmerSpence building a new roost for the roosters to hang out on. And they do seem to love it!

All was going lovely and then FarmerSpence decided he didn't need his thumb anymore.

The duck stream turned into a hot bed of activity with new visitors. They got a visit from a lovely swan ...

As well as a bunch of adorable, chunky quail!

On the sheeps front, FF decided to visit and hang out, until they chased her off.

And continued to chase of not only the deer that stopped by, but poor Jinx as well.

The chicks have been jumping out of their little space and exploring the floor of the shed, while Beverly got herself a new bracelet. Chat has been busy each morning trying to find out who the mysterious crower is at the chickens every morning. But so far they remain hidden. Maybe next week we'll catch them in the act!