The happenings for the week of April 18, 2021 - April 24, 2021

Fireball decided to start the week off by removing the feeder lid and letting all the hens have a free-for-all!

FarmerSpence upgraded the PTZA camera.

On Tuesday Latte got to have her first day outing to the Blue Coop.

Installing a new Peck Cam?

Reading instructions? FarmerSpence installs a heat lamp for the upcoming lambs.

Lucy's baby gave us some moves.

While the Cormorant has gotten super comfy at the pond.

And Banksy was up to his usual.

FarmerSpence moved onto installing a new Feeder Cam at OCL.

We have a new egg record! 57!

A certain hen decided she didn't like her saddle anymore.

On Thursday, FarmerSpence decided to move the PTZA camera to a "taller pole".

Then continued the camera upgrade at the Ducks.

FarmerSpence spent Friday getting other random little things done before the lambs arrival.

Clover was not doing so well at the farm, so she made her return to OCL.

Pumpkin found a bunny hole. And a bunny.

A new camera was installed! This one named Fence.

Latte is free! YAY!

Then encounters her first Blueberry.

At some point, chat realized that Pumpkin was missing. FarmerSpence gave us an update.

Hope your week went well and the next week goes even better. Until then, we'll see you in chat!