The happenings for the week of April 4, 2021 - April 10, 2021

We begin the week with once again trying to get ALL three of those darn ducks to take a bath. Icee was the only one interested this week.

FarmerSpence puts up a tarp at the Garden for some shade.

While Willis shows off his impressive yoga skills in order to get more noms.

We also got a more up close look at the cormorant.

Out with the old garden coop, in with the new!

The old garden coop didn't go far. Only a few feet away, it is now the home for the Spici Bois.

Rescuing a tarp and discussing ponytails. FarmerSpence can multi task.

FarmerSpence also hired himself a ... wagon?

And took chat on a wild ride.

A new friend visited the ducks!

The most adorable thing ever.

No, no! THIS is the more adorable thing ever!

The fluffy teens are growing up and ready to join the adults and explore the yard. Chat tried their best to keep up with the madness.

FarmerSpence tells chat about the roo that will forever be known as Flint.

Ada's peeps' first outing!

Lavender quickly decided that she just might want her own babies.

Flint was finally caught!

That night we got the Flint health check and recuse story.

And moved to shed while we let him adjust and make sure all is well.

Getting a bit more comfy!

We got another gift! This one was from Datafriken.

Banksy hung out and did some munching.

Ada missed treats so much that she nearly forgot about her babies when the bags arrived.

While Jazzy continues to be super cute with her snack requests.

And a certain hen decided she was going to get her apple snack another way.

That wraps it up for this week. Hopes yours was a good one. Until next week, we'll see you in chat!