The Happenings for the week of January 5, 2020 - January 11, 2020

The week started off with FarmerSpence coming across a duck that had been hit by a car. He took her home and began taking care of her. She's slowly recovering, but seems to be doing just fine!

Speaking of doing just fine, Jinx is not only fitting in with her new family members, she's quickly climbing up the pecking order with her fierce personality.

The Silkie Roos got themselves their own treat machine, which quickly got the attention of all the birds at the pond!

Down in the Sheeps area, a loose dog got out and ran around. Not once, but twice.

Queenie got herself locked out of the coop. Chat tried their best to keep the lights on for her until she could be rescued.

And to finish off the week, FarmerSpence has begun working on a new, larger, treat machine for the ducks!