The happenings for the week of December 6, 2020 - December 12, 2020

The lovely presents just kept rolling in this week! First up is Reiz0r's gift!

The hens loved the gifts! Some more than others. ;)

Then not one, not two, but FOUR presents arrived at once! Gifts from Maebak, Knittingcdd, Betterwithpirates and a MysteryGifter.

And then Mother Nature helped decorate the tree a little bit more.

Queenie got herself locked out of the coop this week, but she didn't mind. Chat gave her plenty of treats.

While Kitty didn't like it so much and ran to hooman for help.

Elsa and Puddles on the other hand, only care about the bath and helping chat stay clean.

FarmerSpence made the decision to make Chickens, Rooville and Sheeps an emote only chat at night time, since the animals are usually asleep at that time anyway. So he made some other changes as well.

The rooster NoName kept getting into some arguments so he had to come home with FarmerSpence to get him all cleaned up and dried off. Can't have a wet roo in the winter!

At the pond, the ducks have themselves a secret spot to lay eggs.

While FarmerSpence left a door open and Scissors went for a stroll outside his pen.

Four new ducks joined the pond! YAY! Three white crested ducks named Einstein (try not to get confused, chat), Antoinette (her crest is off to the side a bit) and Snowball (the smallest crest). And a full black duck named Rogue (yeah, we know).

And the wild ducks just continue to hang out.

Banksy just has to have some fun as well.

That pretty much wraps it up for this week. Hope you're staying nice and warm. In the mean time, feel free to brush up on who's who in FilmerTim's lovely new video.  Until next week, we'll see you in chat!