The happenings for the week of August 15, 2020 - August 22, 2020

This week introduced us to a brand new roo!

Say hello to the prettiest, and most timid, rooster.

He was even introduced to another fluffy head, Queenie. Though he's not so sure about it.

FarmerSpence trimmed the feathers in front of his eyes, hoping it'll help him with his self confidence. He's such a sweet little guy!

Speaking of photo shoots, two of the silkie teens were named and photographed! Meet Disco ...

And Jazzy!

Sadly we also said goodbye too soon to one of the baby ducklings.

The work on the new fence around the chickens is slowly coming along.

Over at the pond, little Billie Jr is growing up so quickly! He's already the size of the adult ducks!

While he might be the same size as the ducks, he's still a bit timid when they're around.

Banksy, on the other hand, seems to be collecting a lot of sticks ...

And grass ...

And also surprised us with a new friend.

That's all for this week. Next week we'll be watching the teens and babies continue to grow along with a fence being built. Until then, we'll see you in chat!