A busy week for December 15, 2019 - December 21, 2019

The week started off with a bang as farmerSpence adopted a new stray hen, Jinx! Poor girl has a cold but she is getting better.

Speaking of adoption, the chicks were relocated from the shed to a protected area of the big coop. And November fell into mommy mode the moment she saw them. So farmerSpence moved her in with the chicks. They're still working on the whole mommy-baby thing, but they're trying!

A new nesting box was added to the blue coop, and it quickly became the spot to lay.

And the silkie boys home became even more popular this week with not only the quail still visiting, but chickens, ducks and even the geese have come and gone.

The sheep decided they would not be left out of the busy week this time, and tried to make their escape. Thankfully, they didn't go far!

To round out the busy week, Queenie got herself a haircut after running into the coop a few more times.