Weekly happening for May 24, 2020 - May 30, 2020

Turns out Scissor's new place is suddenly the new hot spot with many of the farm chickens stopping by to check it out. Mr. PomPom likes it so much he decided to stay. The two still have a bit of a rocky relationship, but overall they're doing okay together.

Speaking of rocky relationships, FarmerSpence had to help out with feeding the cows this week. Here's a look at his youtube video showing how that went.

The report on Onyx came back as to why she passed away so young. Which also means some diet changes for everyone.  

Oreo continues to have health issues. No sooner did she get over both a strep infection and a staph infection, she got sour crop.

We also got an update on Elsa. Who's getting much better, by the way.

Then Saturday afternoon we got some lovely news! Meet Puddles!

And FarmerSpence went and did a thing ...

Speaking of cute little things, Mabel keeps trying to sit on too many eggs for her tiny body.

Pocket had himself a feisty moment and FarmerSpence tried to calm him down.

One little peep isn't too particular as to who his pillow is, as long as it's soft.

We end this rather quiet week with another little cutie trying to hop for that apple. Until next week, see you in chat!